1. The Opera house

Oslo operhouse costed miljards of kronors! Norway is a rich country but they don't put so much money on for e.g. their old people if you thought so.
Still, this house is amazing. Why oh why don't we have more arcitecture that uses the space on the roof more? 
Oslo Opera hoouse is made by an arcitecture byro called Snöhetta, if you are interested in arcitecture, check them out. 

This place is a must in Oslo.

2. Kafe bislett

Right in front of where my friend Ale lives, there is a kiosk called Café Bislett and they have the coolest Cacatua called Ali!
He loves the sound of keys and to sit on arms. He is very friendly, he charmed me. 
Take the tram to Dalsbergstien on Pilstredet and on the right you have Ali and other small things you could need!

3. Sørenga

Take a walk around the corner from the Opera house and you will see the city from a totally different view. 

Here you have bars and cafés and chill spots for hanging around.

4. Bygdøy