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KOH WAI                   In the east thai archipelago☽

How to get there

From Bangkok there goes a bus that takes 6 hours to the Island Koh Chang. From there one can take a boat to Koh Wai and some other islands. But this Island is definitely a place for you if you want to be in peace. 

A easier way is to get a bus to Trat and take a boat from there. But it can be kind of nice to take a few days in Koh Chang for a social few days on the beach, and after that go to Koh Wai and really feel the difference. It is about what mood you are in :) 

Party mood - skip Koh Wai and take for ex. Long Island beach on Koh Chang.
A few beers with friends mood - Klong Kloi beach.
One beer at nine with only your own company and one or two others - Koh Wai

There is two types of boats, one fast and one slower but chill one. 
The fast one is obviously more expensive.


Here you can swim BY YOURSELF!
Do yoga, read and chill.

Come to Koh Wai if you want to be in a zen mode with your friends. Long breakfasts on the beach. And in the night you can see all the light planktons and oh the stars are amazing!

The best place to stay is Grandma huts.

book tips

-  The Universe has your back - Gabrielle Bernstein

    A very good book to grow your good vibes and your faith on the       universe, after this book you can see everything with love.

Sapiens -  A brief history of human kind

   This book works very good as a voice book too, since it's so big,      literally. But the book is very interesting about our history, and          what we did to come this far. He writes it in a humorous and kind      of easy way. Try it out!

-  Jojo Moyes

    All her books suits a lonely beach! Who dosen't love love stories!



- The good life podcast
- The Goop podcast
- Stuff you should know



- Ted & Kaj   
- A lady never tells
- Radiopsykologen
- P3 Dokumentar (NRK)


Walk to the other side of the island through jungle and the other beaches. On the way you will find the most amazing red- curry!!! My favourite thai food!

I can't remember the name of the place but it's located between Grandma huts and Paradise. Remember that the best place for staying is Grandma!

When you walk along the beach to the other side you will also see a big big resort - totally empty. 
This is really interesting. They wanted to build a big place for "charity" and "research" with turtle babies. But the project wasn't approved and now it stands there empty.. And you can go for yoga there.
What we heard was that the baby-turtles was needed and after they grew up they just gave them freedom and they didin't know what to do and died :( So good in a way that this place didn't get approved. 

On the other side there are good rocks to watch the sunset :)





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