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Updated: Mar 8, 2018

When I came home from work today I just surfed the internet, as I do when I am tired,

and just want to relax. Guess what I found?!

There was this challenge, called #Nouw30dayChallenge . It's a blogg challenge, to blogg every day for 30 days. To improve the blogg and to find your own niche.

The thing is, I wanted to make my adventure blog for a long time, but I have been way too slow - now I will challenge myself and improve this blog.

With my blog I can't be in that competition, but I can challenge myself ;)

Do that you too!

Mabye I will blogg everyday, I hope so! But I don't have very good self discipline..

How can you be hard to yourself and disciplined? How do you do that!

I am in need of tips!

Ps. I choose to write in english, because I speak swedish, but I'm from Finland and I live in Norway. So it turned out that english is the most natural language for this, I think!

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