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About choosing Joy

Gratefulness is what I am really into these days.

After a few days here at the Norwegian "hytta" I thought of some of these things.

I hate myself when I'm not feeling grateful - I just can't go on whining about small things.

But when you let the world do it's thing, and tries to see the positive side in every situation.

Stay open for creative solutions when you feel annoyed by something you can't while you are waiting for the rush hour to get over, while you are queuing in the bank, or waiting for somebody to get ready :)

Here I waited for my boyfriend to get ready with his super important tennismatch (3h!!!) and I was annoyed that it took the time from our cozy, "hytte", cottage time.

At least Federer won.

Instead of thinking of the bad parts in this day, and making those parts bigger,

I promised myself to see the things that makes a day nice.

You can for example find a dog like this to hang out with, as I did!

For example a rough day at work, you want to just get stuck on the bad parts,

but there probably is very nice and funny things too, that you don't notice when you are inside of your anger.

For example a old lady with dementia, trying to ask me if she "please could have a banana" - but she couldn't find the word banana.

I answered her "of course you can have a banana", and she smiled and said Yes, a banana!

Or the other old grama walking around in the middle of the night to the kitchen. When I went to the kitchen later, there was this cookie box that one could see was opened by one hand, because the other hand is holding her walker.

I mean, how sympathetic isn't that?

Last week I was walking around angry and unsatisfied, until I realised it! What the heck am I doing, I will ENJOY!

I saw this movie on Netflix called "The secret", it's about gratefulness AND the secret in life.

See it. I feel so opened for the universe. Everything seems possible!

Good vibes from Julia

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