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Updated: Oct 24, 2018


+ This app has the most wonderful filters! One gets good different feelings of the different filters. + The grain - thing is okey here too but better in Afterlight (read below).

+ And one good thing here as well is that your photos will be saved in the app - and if there is something you'll need two years later, you will. But the best app for that is..


+ Here you can find your photos from 5 years back without problem. If I want to find a picture of my friend that has a birthday, I just go back in time on this app easily. + You can also get the pictures easily to your computer through the net page. + The best thing in Flicker is the "improve" function. Some darker pictures just gets super with that function.

- The filters here are not so good, since they make the whole picture bad in quality.


+ It's sometimes fun to experiment with photos, and I absolutely love the "Dust" adjustment in the app called Afterlight. Also the "Clarify" adjustment is good. + If you want to make your pictures a little bit artsy the "colour change" and "light" functions are fun. - The filters are not the best in this app.


+ The 1998 filters that everybody uses, if you missed it's name. So cool! - But you have to take photos straight in the application, and that's not so good..


Gopro's own app for videos. I learned that this is the best app to add music to your videos for free, without advertisements on your video.

THANKYOUU, and hope you think it's as fun as me :):) /Juli

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