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Don't ASS-U-ME things

My boyfriend has to be in a place called Rjukan for his internship, 6 months. I suppose I was a little bit angry at Rjukan for taking him from me.

But now I went to visit him - and it was absolutely..

W O N D E R F U L !

Here I will show you the best things I experienced:


For a drive up in the gondol, made in the 1920s (!!) you'll pay 60 NOK. Fot that you will also get a sled to drive down the mountain for 30 awesome minutes!!

Check my saved story at instagram; julenjulia, so fun I die!


I was driving here by car on my own. It was quite scary because I had to drive up half the1800m mountain by car! So steep (I can recommend you the free bus instead)!

When I finally arrived without dying, I really enjoyed the place.

There was like 5 other humans and it felt like I was on some kind of moon.

And I had full sunshine --

Rjukan is special in that way, that it's a deep valley without ANY sunshine all the winter months. But they have a huge mirror that reflects the sunlight to one place. And then you can travel up to the mountain of course!

And in March they have a sun festival, when the sun is reaching the Rjukan valley again, how cute!


There is a secret train in Gaustatoppen! A Train inside of this mountain below! How CRAZY is that!


This is actually a very good idea - training & spa in the same thing for 90kr.

So chill to train hard, swim a little, and then sit outside in -24 in a hot jacuzzi.

I would love to have a place like this in Oslo!!

These two photos is by Sondre!


In Saaheim Kraftverk one can climb! Super fun, good training and social.

My arms are dead!

I will also start with this in Oslo! 8)


Many come here for ice climbing because of Rjukans many many Waterfalls!

They are easy to reach and they have beginner courses.


Under the second world war they had a industry here that made some chemicals, and as a side product there came Heavy water from it. The germans wanted to have that heavy water to make nuclear bombs (!!). So the industry have been bombed by Norwegians and the Englishmen who wanted to stop the germans from making this nuclear weapon!

There is a series about this which is called Kampen om tungvannet / The heavy water war.

And there is so many more museums and history stuff in this town, link in the headline.

Many activities in the small town and super COOL! So much better than expected.

So learn from my mistake; don't make an ASS out of U and ME and assume things,

of no person, and no place.

They can be absolutely wonderful!

Stay curious about your surroundings,

LOVE Julia

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