U N A  A V E N T U R A   

p o r  f a v o r

I traveled with a bus to the alps BECOUSE I LOVE SNOWBOARDING AND THE MOUNTAINS. I traveled with STS ALPRESOR to become a guide.
Anyway, I think the course was made to make money for the company STS BEFORE the season had even started.
That is becouse they take FOUR busses from Sweden and Finland = ca. 134 persons I think, and how many will become guides
? Just a few... 
We payed 800 € for the course, and they didn't give any information about it, so ofcourse, we took a risk.

Everyone had to stay out at the bar until 00. If someone was tired and wanted to go home, they weren't allowed, becouse then they would get a bad reccomendation. In the morning we had to be at the breakfast at 7 o'clock. We couldn’t ask questions, and if we had to ask they gave an evil answer and they were totally uninterested in our well beeing. People were tired, and many cried in the evenings. 
I don't like this way to teach and behave. 

Ofcourse the people that survived the course are happy now, becouse it was a REALLY hard course. Anyway, I don’t take crap like that anymore if I don’t have t
o, so after I had my speech about the French alps I told them I will skip their course NOW.

So then me, and two other loosers like me, just enjoyed some different mountains where there WAS SNOW unlike that pic ^

Then the adventure began.
I wrote to some of my friends and took a train to Salzburg. In Salzburg we stayed for one day and we sneeked in at a 5 STAR hotel for breakfast, best tip ever hahah!

Next I took blabla - cars to Zurich. 2:nd best tip ever! You share a car with someone who is going somewhere. We should have that one in Finland aswell! I shared it with four Austrian students.






Hæggbloms is the best after-ski bar in this resort! If you come here, you can feel yourself welcomed by some super sweet swedish guys. (unlike the feeling at the hotel with STS)

Other good bars is 
Silver bullet and Ginger Gin.

​About Bad Gastain they also say it the water there is good for joint-diseases, we went to the spa and it was lovely! A sauna with a panorama view.

But anyway I'll have to come back here to Bad Gastain some day becouse now in december the season hadn't start yet!


KITSTEINHORN - A VERY COOL GLACIER 1 hour from Bad Gastain by car! The resort is special in a way becouse there is no village right down under. Here I met nice english people that were travelling to different alps teaching kids to snowboard. 
Here they had a park already, I enjoyed it very much with my friend Vertti.


These are dogs from the streets of Croatia, they came up to the mountains with their snowboarder owners. I loved that yellow one!

N E V E R  

After breakfast in ZURICH at my realatives I took bla bla cars again but the long way to Narbonne! There I couchsurfed ! 



You probably heard of couchsurfing?
I have now tried it a few times, an it has always been a very positive experience! Twice, like this time, it was on a very short notice. It is fun to meet interesting people from around the world. Once we couchsurfed in Copenhagen which was wild! 10 people living under the same roof. 
I really recommend you to give this a try!

My friend Henni took so so good care of me in Barcelona! She showed me the coziest restaurants in Gracia and took me for some skateboarding! 
Even though it was december it was warm like the finnish summer and we went to the sandbeach for some beers. She showed me her cooool design school and her nice friends.
Big thanks to her and K and I!!!!

I always thought Bercelona can't meet my expectations becouse I heard S O much good about this city, but yes it could, I really enjoyed this city.

H  O L A 

Baqueira @ The Pyrenees

It took 4h to Baqueira from Barcelona! I really start to like Spain, they have everything. The Pyrenees is a little exotic for Scandinavians and it was interesting to see the difference. Atleast Baqueira was more widespreaded than for ex villages in the alp mountain rage, you had to drive with a car to places. But spanish people are so beautifully open, happy and late and that suits me so good! Life!

And then, I took a flight for 60 € from BARCA TO..

Hemsidans namn


A N D  T H E N  B A C K  H O M E  T O  H K I - T K U - P A R G A S - F I N L A N D -
W H I C H  I S  V E R Y  N I C E  A S W E L L !

B Y E  B Y E  
T R I P  T I M E .




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